My Love Affair with a Keurig

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Keurig (Photo credits: Best Buy)

When I first bought the Keurig Vue, it was for my boyfriend’s birthday. Neither of us are coffee fiends, in fact, neither of us even have it in the mornings. He has a cup sporadically, and I depend on coffee to keep me up on weekend nights when the endless birthday parties, engagement parties and other social events demand I stay up past my usual 10pm bedtime. To me, a cup of coffee is like a whiff of scotch, and it promises a fun night out.

I’ve never brewed a cup of coffee in my life, and have little idea how it works. However, I did have to visit and research one of Costa Rica’s most famous coffee farms while I was living in Central America and got a crash course in the art of the coffee bean. Cupping sessions, treks through the fields and watching the processing of the beans was a great start to what would become a great love affair between the Keurig and myself.

Forced Variety

When you buy a Keurig, it comes with a variety pack, but don’t assume it’s so you can choose your favorite. It’s actually so you can get used to having a choice, as well as offering a choice to your guests. Although, some flavors are, well, very unique and could easily double as dogs repellant, others are simply to die for. Keurigs don’t just make coffee either — there’s also tea and hot chocolate. I’m amazed by the morning cup of green tea that it produces and I still wonder at how it can brew it so quickly.

No matter what type of Keurig you have, understand it demands space, but not in a bad way. Just like you make room in your home for your partner’s clothes or (insert keyword here), you make room on your counter for your Keurig. Then you make room for the coffee mugs you especially like and a bowl of Keurig cups. All you need to do to see what’s important to a person is scan their countertops.

Barista Cheats

The Keurig Vue allows you to select the temperature of your coffee or tea, which is an interesting conversation starter with guests. My boyfriend prefers his untouchably hot, a lingering side effect of growing up in India where the daily chai would burn any westerner’s tongue on contact. I like my tea lukewarm. You can change it up with the touch of a button.

You can also select just how much you’d like, with travel mug sizes available. The Keurig is like the really understanding lover who just wants you to be happy with no strings attached. It doesn’t care if you grab a mug and go or if you want your coffee at a temperature deemed unfit for coffee houses.

What about the Process?

While I love the Keurig, I have to admit there’s something I miss about the ritual and process. Heating the tea in a kettle or even in the microwave makes you feel like you’re a part of it. Pressing a button seems at times too easy, but maybe for once that’s okay. Is there really such a thing as too convenient?


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