Is Bulletproof Coffee Really Better for You?

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If you’ve been searching for a way to lose weight, to stay full longer or even to add a little more energy and pep to your life, you’re in the right place. Bulletproof coffee, created by Dave Asprey, is a trend you might have heard of. If you haven’t, we’ll give you the details you need to know.

What It Is

Bulletproof coffee is a special blend that’s able to do big things. While it sounds terrible (like something a contender on a reality show might need to drink to progress to the next round), it’s actually appreciated for its good taste and smooth finish.

It’s a combination of low toxin coffee beans, MCT oil and unsalted butter from grass-fed cows. Unlike regular coffee, it’s creamy without adding in the high-calorie creams and flavorings that generally accompany lattes and the like.

In the fitness world, bulletproof coffee is known for its ability to keep those who drink it fuller, longer while providing an energy boost to get through to the next meal. While it’s no substitute for a healthy meal, it’s a good supplement to add into any fitness program.

Why It’s Better

The ingredients are what make bulletproof coffee stand out from regular coffee.

Unlike other coffee beans that run surprisingly high in toxins, bulletproof relies on low-toxin beans that keep body systems operating at an optimal level. These beans are natural and easily digested by the body.

MCT oil, which consists of medium chain triglycerides extracted from coconut oil, is sometimes referred to as nature’s “secret weapon” for melting away fat and burning muscles. It releases energy that can last for hours, even if you work at a fulfillment company (without the shakes or crashes that accompany traditional caffeine and supplements).

Unsalted butter from grass-fed cows provides healthy, saturated fats that are a vital part of any diet plan. The grass-fed diet also provides a more solid fatty acid composition in the butter, making it superior to regular butter and a positive addition to any diet (as opposed to the negatives that accompany traditional butter).

Is It Right For Me?

Perhaps you’re wondering if bulletproof coffee is right for you? The answer is a loud and resounding yes for the majority of people. If you want to cut down on your midday hunger and snacking between meals, this is the answer. If you want to boost your nutritional intake in a way that doesn’t involve professional assistance, bulletproof coffee should be on your radar.

If you are looking to drop a few pounds without breaking the bank or adhering to an expensive “diet” plan that limits your intake (thereby setting you up to fail), you should try it. If you struggle with energy and are tired of traditional energy shakes and supplements that lead to crashes and sleeping issues, bulletproof coffee is a natural solution.

Where To Find It

The best way to find the ingredients for bulletproof coffee would be to order it online or to look at a local health food store.

Price out your options, but be sure the ingredients you’re using are specific and meet the above descriptions. Making substitutes (like using regular butter) cuts down on the nutrition benefits of bulletproof coffee and takes away from the health benefits. If you’re ready to see big changes to your energy level and overall health, give bulletproof coffee a shot today.

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