5 Ways to Make your Coffee Healthier

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Vanilla Hazelnut Latte

Vanilla Hazelnut Latte (Photo credit: KelvinSnaps)

Coffee for coffee lovers is a daily routine for most. While it is a necessity and a treat for us, a cup of coffee can be a calorie killer for our healthy diets. Here are 5 ways you can cut down the fat and calories in your cup of coffee:

Skip the sugar: Sugar sure is tasty but not friendly on the waistline. Skip the sugar and opt for low fat, fat free creamers if needed. Artificial sweeteners may lack the calories but are also not best for your health. So choose the sweet carefully.

Nonfat milk: Most coffee shops make their coffees and lattes with whole milk. Be sure to ask for 2%, low fat or nonfat milk to be made in your drink. You can still get the same creamy taste for less fat and calories.

Make it small: It’s a simple concept the less coffee you consume, the less calories and fat you consume. So next time you go up to order a cup of coffee, make it a small and avoid getting the larges. If you need that extra punch add a ½ shot of espresso.

Coffee: Skip the fancy lattes and cappuccinos and opt to have just a cup of a regularly brewed coffee. You can save yourself lots of calories by keeping it simple and delicious. Lattes and other drinks can contain anywhere from 250-500 calories per serving. Be careful and watch your order!

Syrups: If you must have a something a little sweeter in your morning cup of joe, then opt to get a sugar-free syrup. You can typically find your favorite flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Carmel in the sugar-free form.

Do your best to cut down on the amount of sugars, calories and fats by making it healthy as possible. Skip the high sugars, opt for lower fat milk and make it a small. Happy drinking!


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