How Long Does Fresh Brewed Coffee Flavor Last?

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As the bottom glass cools, the brewed coffee w...

As the bottom glass cools, the brewed coffee will be sucked through the filter of the coffee ground container down into the glass carafe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your out at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant having a cup of coffee, did you ever wonder how old is the coffee your drinking. You have a feeling when you check out the customer traffic and know if the coffee is close to fresh or has been sitting there. There are certain shops I do not go to because I know that they let the coffee sit there way past the time it’s going to taste good.

Your better coffee shops have timers hanging from their coffee dispensers indicating how long it’s been since the coffee was fresh brewed. I have seen this at Starbucks and some smaller coffee shops. It’s good to know how old your coffee is and it’s commendable these shops care enough to keep track of their coffee’s freshness.
It’s all well and good to know how old your coffee is but just how does coffee taste good after brewing. According to the Bunn Corporation time, temperature, and container are all very important to coffee remaining fresh for any amount of time.
Holding and serving times are important to know if you want to serve delicious coffee to your customers or yourself.


Ideal Holding Temperature: 175ºF to 185ºF


Most volatile aromatics in coffee have boiling points well below that of water and continue to evaporate from the surface until pressure in the serving container reaches equilibrium. A closed container can slow the process of evaporation.


Ideal Serving Temperature: 155ºF to 175ºF


Volatile aromatics in coffee are not perceived when coffee is served at lower temperatures.


Ideal Holding Time: 20 minutes in an open top decanter / 60 minutes in a closed container.


Holding coffee longer will result in loss of the smooth, sweet and complex flavors and instead produce a scorched or bitter taste.
Great tasting coffee only remains great tasting if you take care of it properly after brewing. Knowing times and modes for storing fresh coffee can help you steer clear of the nasty and acidic old coffee.


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