How to Behave in a Coffee Shop

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How to behave in a coffee shop never enters your mind unless someone is not behaving in a coffee shop. The usual trouble makers in a Starbuck’s or any other nice coffee shop are the noisy, chatty, bratty or the catty. I go to my local coffee shop for the nice environment. If I wanted peace and quiet I would go home or sit in my car. The great coffee, mixed together with coffee shop music, and the great aromas all blend together to make a wonderful experience.  It’s the trouble makers that ruin it.

If you are going to frequent a coffee shop that I am at please remember to apply the rules of decency and behave. Here are a list of my coffee shop rules which can lead to a great experience for all.

1. Clean your mess.

Your not at home in your PJ’s sipping your coffee, your in a public place that you need to share with others. If you spill something clean it up. Maybe you can get away with that stuff in a diner but not in a coffee shop. If you spill cream or sugar clean it up. The next person and the general appeal of the entire shop will all appreciate you. So will your Barista.

2. Leave a tip.

In our culture, a tip is a proper way to express gratitude and satisfaction. I would hazard to say only about half of the customers tip at a coffee shop. I understand that the coffee can be expensive but if you have a satisfactory cup of coffee and you sit for a while, leave something in appreciation of what your getting.

3. Don’t move in.

If you are one of those people that brings their entire office with them to the coffee shop and plugs in every device known to man, don’t. A coffee shop is for lite office work, for goodness sake lease office space if you want to run a business. A laptop and a notebook should be enough to get you through.

4. It’s not a social club.

Chatting with everyone you see is not appropriate. Many people come to a coffee shop to relax alone or with a friend. They are not there to make new ones. If you see someone reading or working on their laptop that is another clue that they need to accomplish something and not talk to you. If you want to make new friends go to

5. There are always rules.

Many coffee shops have their own culture and rules. It’s for coffee and coffee ambiance. It’s not a cafeteria where the noise level is not important. A Starbuck’s is a special place to enjoy great coffee. We spent the money to enjoy the ambiance, the people, the regulars.

Coffee shops are what heaven is like, don’t mess it up. At least while I’m there!

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