Edible Coffee Cups Solves All Ecological Problems

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I think that the overall awareness of most people, when it comes to the environment, has improved over the last generation. The days of throwing trash out the window of your car or the wholesale polluting of the environment has come to an end. Well, enough of an end to make a big difference. If this is true then why do we need a coffee cup that we can eat after we are through with it?

“I’m Saving the Environment”

A Venezuelan designer, Enrique Luis Sardi, has invented a coffee cup that you can eat. His concern over the environment has driven him to make an edible coffee cup, so when finished with your coffee you don’t have to throw it away, you eat it. It’s ingenious that someone has finally solved the pollution problem, we eat our garbage.

The “Cookie Cup” is the name of this invention and it is going to be made for the Italian coffee brand Lavazza and soon will be on the market in Europe. The design of the cup is ingenious, a cookie outer shell with a lining made of a secret sugary substance keeps the coffee from bleeding through.

The designer Sardi must of grown up in a town where the people would drink their coffee and subsequently throw the cup away creating huge landfills of paper coffee cups. This sight must have stayed in the mind of young Sardi for sometime and only now has pushed him to solve this dilemma.

What I fear is people will not eat the cup after their coffee is gone and end up throwing the cookie cup on the ground. It’s just I know how people are, bad habits die slowly.

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