Chart Shows Coffee Options in Everyway

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If you take your coffee black I have a chart that’s not for you. There is a great chart made by Pop Chart Labs that depicts the the coffee arts in every way. I never realized the infinite ways to make coffee. The chart is so detailed that fulfilling it’s potential will take a life time.

The problem with coffee is there are just too many ways to make the incredible beverage. You will also be calling it the incredible beverage when you check out his chart. The clever coffee pots to the different techniques in making coffee will confuse the neophyte and stimulate the experts.

A lot of hard work was put into the artists that produced this chart so why not give it a look see and marvel as I have. You can study the interactive infographic of “The Compendious Coffee Chart” online, or you can buy it in poster form for $27. We’re not saying it’ll help you make better coffee, but at least it’s trying — and it looks pretty cool, too.

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