Philippine Civet Coffee – Perfect Coffee Gift for Someone You Love

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English: Luwak Coffee Beans

English: Luwak Coffee Beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The magical flavour and aroma of the lip-smacking Philippine Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak, as it is known popularly, reveals the romantic story of its provenance. The Asian Palm Civet eats the beans of the coffee berries. The beans then pass through the digestive tract of the civet and there proteolytic enzymes seep in to the beans. As a result, more amino acid and shorter peptides are formed. The beans pass through the intestines of the civet and are later defecated. These beans are then gathered, thoroughly washed, sun-dried, roasted and brewed to give you that extremely delectable coffee.

The less bitter taste and alluring aroma of Philippine Civet Coffee make it one of the most sought after and most expensive coffees in the world. Chiefly produced on the rich islands of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Bali in the archipelago of Indonesia and Philippines, this revered coffee can now be obtained at a few mouse clicks. Yes, there are various reliable exotic coffee merchants offering an array of highly delectable coffees online.

Besides Kopi Luwak the other varieties of coffees these online exotic coffee merchants offer include the delicious Hawaii Kona Coffee, Philippine Alamid Kopi Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Sea Island Espresso Blend, and more. Picked from various parts of the world, the coffees made available by these online exotic coffee merchants are both rich in quality and reasonable in price. Furthermore, there is no additional charge of shipping your favourite coffee, if you live in the UK. All deliveries are made by first class Royal Mail delivery within the UK. For those living outside the UK, there are minimal shipping charges applicable.

If you are looking for a coffee gift for someone who is a coffee aficionado, these online resources let you choose from a wonderful assortment of attractively packed and wrapped coffee gifts. These online coffee vendors further offer gourmet coffee for the yachts, hotels and restaurants. For the retailers, there are various lucrative wholesale options to choose from.

Whether you need the Philippine Civet Coffee or the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee or just any other coffee for yourself or someone special (as a coffee gift), all you have to do is place your order online from the comfort of your home.

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