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Do you consider yourself a coffee drinker? Better yet, have you ever thought about sending someone you know a coffee lovers gift basket? Here are a few interesting facts you can add to your coffee library.

It took a while but from a goat herder in Ethiopia to a Starbucks on every corner (about 7,000 worldwide), the path to brewing pleasure is complete. Caribou is second with about 500 coffee shops. It’s no wonder that many people make coffeehouses their office away from the office.

Through relatively cheap prices and successful branding, coffee has developed into a worldwide market that continues to steadily grow. A coffee lovers gift basket can be sent almost anywhere in the world and can contain the most unbelievable varieties available perfect for a college student.

If you want to know more about coffee in the days before worldwide distribution, you are in for a fascinating history. Learning about it has added to my enjoyment of this tasty brew. See for yourself what a colorful collection of events has shaped this drink and our culture as it migrated out of Africa and across Europe.

The next time you sip a latte or espresso try to imagine the a journey of thousands of miles and countless centuries to get to your cup. Even today, it’s a curious adventure that involves trade laws, government policing of social practices, wars, smuggling and even marriages.

If you want to know more, you can rent a 3-hour video named Black Coffee that examines the impact this bean has had on history. How it created sexual strife, became the status symbol of social class and led to the building of huge fortunes on the backs of exploited farmers. All done in a very rich visual style.

Gift baskets have a long tradition. They are a versatile way of sharing with those less fortunate, those that are ill and as a way to share in a celebration or mark a special occasion.

Know the person you are giving a basket to and you will certainly be able to come up with a theme that will be a hit. In today’s world there are gift basket companies that have ready answers to any problem. If you can’t find it ready made, ask. So take a look and see how easy it is to find a gift basket company that offers coffee gift basket – a theme that’s sure to be popular with college students.



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