Juggernauts of Java: Healthiest and Tastiest Cups!

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Deutsch: Dunkin Donuts in Berlin

Deutsch: Dunkin Donuts in Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you prepared for an unsettling statistic? Well, every day in the United States between five hundred million and one billion cups of coffee are collectively consumed! This equates to around three cups per person but since many of the citizens of the United States are children who do not usually drink coffee, their older counterparts are really picking up the slack! So where do people get their coffee considering the assortment of options available via their daily commute? Starbucks? Dunkin’ Donuts? Caribou? The truth is that most large coffee chains are doing quite well. Starbucks, for instance, sells approximately ten million cups of java per diem considering the average output of every store in the world. Perhaps there’s another way of slicing this issue though: which coffee chains consistently cater to the health and taste conscious needs of their customers? This article will examine the flagship cup of coffee from some major coffee chains, while placing special emphasis on the healthiness of that particular cup of joe.Starbucks: Lady Liberty? 
Undoubtedly the most well-known drink concoction from Starbucks is the frappuccino. This drink has perhaps garnered more scrutiny, criticism, and praise than any coffee drink in history. The New York Times disparagingly referred to the indubitably tasty Starbucks frappuccino as “the tobacco of the twenty-first century,” partly because of its high sugar content. Although the frappuccino comes in many varieties, the basic formula is coffee, crushed ice, whipped cream, sugar, sweetener (e.g., caramel), and perhaps some cream for balance. In spite of the fairly low caloric content of a large frappuccino, this same size sports over thirty sluggish grams of sugar per serving! If frequenting Starbucks, one’s better off with the Caffe Americano or generic latte.McDonald’s: Ronald’s New Trick!
McDonald’s hasn’t exactly been known for its epicurean prowess over the last half century. Nonetheless Ronald can set aside the clown makeup and whip up an impressive cup of joe if called upon to do so. According to Slate Magazine the McDonald’s cappuccino caught most of the staff off guard by being the number one recommended coffee drink based on healthiness, taste, and general presentation. The Slate raved about the full-bodied flavor with hints of an espresso involvement. This was also deemed the unanimous favorite over the McDonald’s drip coffee, which was given the label watered down (in both senses of the term). Coming in at one hundred twenty calories and devoid of any funky sweeteners, the McDonald’s cappuccino would be an intelligent choice for any coffee lover this summer with a jones for taste, affordability, and health.

Dunkin’ Donuts? 
Perhaps more recognized for its ability to induce hyperglycemia than tasty yet salubrious coffee options, Dunkin’ Donuts nonetheless does offer some nutritionally redeemable java treats. Although Dunkin’ Donuts offers some oddly decorated coffee choices, the writers at Slate adjudicated that Dunkin’ Donuts’ drip coffee was its personal favorite. The Dunkin’ Donuts’ cappuccino was lampooned and nixed as too frothy, artificial, and caloric. Actually the drip coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts is the safer bet. Dunkin’ Donuts is known for using quality Arabica beans and frequently brewing its coffee fresh.

All-Star Roundup
This article has parsed the impostors from the impressive coffee concoctions presented by large coffee chains. The McDonald’s cappuccino did ironically well in some areas while the more popular coffee chain, Starbucks, didn’t fare as well in all categories. Hopefully this article will give you more informed and healthier coffee options on your next commute!

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