Italian Coffee Shops Mix a Little Excitement with Their Espresso

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Bar Ciao Cafe - Italian Cuisine

Bar Ciao Cafe – Italian Cuisine (Photo credit: ell brown)

If you ever happen to visit Italy you may be surprise when you step into a coffee shop. Many Italian coffee shops or “coffee bars” now are serving slot machines with their best espresso. While sipping your favorite coffee drink you can put a few Euros in a slot machine and try your luck.


The gambling industry is heavily regulated in Italy. The number and type of casinos are constrained in any particular area. The business of gambling gives the Italian nation a hefty source of income so it is in the countries best interest to provide enough locations for the people to indulge.


Italy is the home of many of the best ways to enjoy coffee. They have made a reputation of not only making the best coffee but also they are the home of some of the best manufacturers of coffee making equipment. Italy experience with building the best coffee machines and leading the world in there production has given them a rightly deserved reputation.


The typical Italian coffee lover can walk into their local coffee shop and order an espresso and sit down and try the coffee bars slot machines. Gambling is as popular in Italy as anywhere else in the world. Many people enjoy the use of online slots while they are at home or on a friends computer. These new slots are an affordable way to pursue a thrill on a budget. The maximum bet is Euro 1 and you can cash out up to Euro 50 (slated to double next year to Euro 100). The chances to win are also extremely low. Overall, a bad deal across the board even if you feel homesick of your recent trip to Vegas.

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