Grind and Brew Coffeemakers Make Life Easier

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Sure, a grind and brew coffee maker looks nice, but have you seen the price? Before you get scared off by the cost, take a look at both the good and bad that these types of machines have to offer.

Not only do these machines look nice, they are convenient too! One unit to hold both the grinder and the brewer. No mess to worry about. You won’t be spilling coffee beans anywhere, or worse; getting coffee grinds in all those little spaces that are impossible to clean. Speaking of space, these coffee makers are great for people with small kitchens.

This type of machine ensures the freshest possible coffee grinds for the best tast

The coffeemaker is dead, long live the coffeem...

The coffeemaker is dead, long live the coffeemaker! #fb (Photo credit: mdesive)

ing brew. The beans are ground immediately before brewing, so there’s no flavor loss between steps. You don’t need to be a connoisseur to appreciate that freshly ground coffee beans are better than what you get out of a package.

Grind and brew coffee makers are perfect for those who are always rushing around in the morning. They usually come with a timer that you can set for first thing in the morning. Nothing beats waking up to fresh coffee in the morning. Too bad it doesn’t serve it!

Despite their convenience, these machines do have one fault. They tend to be on the tall side. This can be a problem if you want to place your coffee machine on the counter, underneath some upper cabinets. If so, just make sure you get measurement before buying anything.

Both your coffee maker and grinder will be out of commission if something goes wrong. You won’t be able to grind or make coffee. Whether the unit needs to be replaced or repaired, you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Since you’re buying a new machine, make sure you get one of the better ones that have a conical grinder. This type of grinder does a far better job in grinding the beans to a uniform size.

One point to watch for is that certain models aren’t easy to clean. Some designs actually allow steam into the grinding mechanism. As a result this can quickly start clogging up. Bean oxidation can also result from poor design. If the hopper where the beans are stored doesn’t seal properly, air will enter.

You’ll find that in most cases a grind and brew machine will cost more than a regular drip coffee maker. That’s to be expected since it’s actually two machines in one. So, if you are looking to purchase a grinder at the same time, then buying a grind and brew machine will probably be a better deal.

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