Coffee Tables Can Transform A Room

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English: Coffee table with illuminated stand /...

English: Coffee table with illuminated stand / Designer Furniture Deutsch: Couchtisch mit Lichtfuß / Designermöbel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are plenty of places to look for inspiration and ideas, as well as the internet buy some interior design magazines to flick through, don’t throw them away either as they can then be used for decoration on your new coffee table afterwards!

They can also be very attractive items and an outstanding feature giving an otherwise average looking room some character. Before buying a table ensure you check out the market thoroughly as the choice is huge and prices vastly differ according to the designer and materials involved.

Also useful for storage, instead of having the newspaper and other bits and pieces making the room look untidy buy a low coffee table that features pullout storage drawers underneath so everything can be tucked away neatly. It’ll also keep the remote control safe and stop you having to hunt for it every time you want to watch TV!

Wood remains the main choice of material with household furniture but that doesn’t mean you have to go with a rustic style. There are plenty of contemporary designs these days that combine solid wood with glass, metal, fiberglass, marble, and other trendy materials.

Walnut is one of the most beautiful solid woods around and coffee tables made in this timber need no other decorations to enhance its look. However it can be expensive and prices are kept down by using walnut veneers set in oak frames. Oak and pine are cheaper timbers and just as solid, and stunning when fashioned into furniture for the home. Ivory painted gumwood with contrasting American oak veneers also gives a beautiful two tone look for your coffee table that creates an atmosphere of warmth and charm.

A nest of tables offers an outstanding contemporary design for the living room and is highly functional as it can either be used together as a decorative piece or roll the smaller tables out for when you need additional tables. You can buy them whereby the 3 tables are the same but each one slightly smaller than the last, or 2 in 1 where there is a main table with 2 smaller ones tucked away underneath.

Cuba Solid Oak and Hereford Rustic Oak are two popular ranges to look out for. Both made from solid American White Oak they give totally different looks with the Cuba lacquered for a contemporary style, and the Hereford offering lots of character with small knots and interesting grain patterns.

Jali and Thacket furniture is of premium quality in a traditional Indian style, whilst the Quebec Oak range has a solid and chunky look and is extremely tough- wearing. The Aston Oak is more modern and well constructed from solid oak with veneers. Characteristics of solid wood furniture are the finest grade of timber, dovetailed drawers and additional contemporary touches such as brushed stainless steel or wrought iron handles, tempered glass surfaces and other classic features.

Look at your coffee table, bookcases as you would any other piece of home furnishing, something that should suit your personal taste and style, fit into its surroundings and harmonize with the current theme. Always check for high quality craftsmanship, pay attention to detail, and ensure the finish is perfect before buying any furniture in wood. There is lots of choice out there so start looking for something that will add to the attraction and comfort of your home.

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