A Guide to Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

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When it comes to buying living room furniture choosing a coffee table can be difficult. This guide highlights the things you should consider which will make the decision easier for you.

The coffee table is an important part of the living room set up for many people. It is the focal point in the room, a place to put flowers and coasters, books and magazines and for some people the place to rest your feet at the end of a long day. So choosing the right coffee table for your living room can be difficult as you want it to fit seamlessly into the room as well provide as much functionality as possible.

Coffee tables are often described as being the multitaskers of the world of living room furniture and there are many points to consider before investing in one.First of all it is important to consider the size of your room carefully as well as the size of all of your existing furniture. You need to make sure that any chosen addition to the room will add to the ambience of the room rather than make it feel too cluttered or hinder your movement around the room.

If you have a smaller space to work with it is a good idea to choose a coffee table with rounded edges rather than sharp angular edges. This will make the whole room flow better and will stop you from hurting yourself on the edges while navigating around the space. Another thing to be very aware of is the practicality of your coffee table.

You know your habits and those of your family better than anyone and so you will know if you would benefit from any extra features. For example, a coffee able can offer extra storage if you need it providing a bit of extra space to store those miscellaneous bits and bobs. Apothecary tables have plenty of drawers to store things in an organised manner. Lift tops tables are good for storing bigger items such as blankets and duvets and even DVDs and CDs which will limit the amount of shelving you will need in the living room.

Designs with double layering and open shelves underneath are good for displaying items

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You can purchase coffee tables that are made from a whole range of different materials. The most popular are wood, glass and acrylic. Glass is sleek and stylish and can add the illusion of space to a smaller living room. It is important with glass though that it is kept clean dust free otherwise it will detract from the fresh and sleek feel of the whole room. Wood is classic and robust and is durable and long-lasting. Wood also comes in a whole range of finishes that mean you are more than likely going to find one that suits your style.or storing magazines, without making your living room feel like a dentists waiting room. Another factor that will need some consideration is what material you want your coffee table to be.

You need to consider the decor of the room and make sure that the coffee table you choose will add to the room rather than detract from it and that it goes with the flooring that it sits on otherwise it could cause an unsightly clash.

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