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English: Illustrative pic of Jamaican Blue Mou...

English: Illustrative pic of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that coffee Arabica did have its own privilege that distinguishes its from other types? Even the taste even rival Jamaica Blue Mountain, Jamaican coffee is known as one of the best coffee in the world.

Types of arabica beans originate from natural plantation grown at altitudes from sea level 1600meter. This is the highest plantation farms than any other average altitude grown in 1200mdpl. elevation that produces a relatively low level of acidity resulting in a high flavor

Here are the hallmark of Arabica in general:

* It has a distinctive sour taste. How sour taste will vary enough between types of arabica with each other. * Has a distinctive aroma and delicious. * It was bitter and great * Levels of 50% less caffeine than Robusta

Arabica will be very fit when consumed with a mixture of milk / cream. Some people like to consume them without milk or cream. However, in fact, Arabica will be very suitable if combined with milk / cream. For black coffee, preferably shaped coffee blend (a mixture of various types of coffee).

Not all coffee blend has the taste and smell delicious. Many also blend coffee that taste less good. Integrating various types of coffee is not an easy matter. Necessary skills and experience in itself. If the wrong choice of coffee, then the result would be “terrible”. It may be that it will be very strange.

As for some varieties of arabica coffee is famous around the world:

– Java Arabica.

Coffee is very famous throughout the world, so the name of the Java becomes the identity for the coffee. Even the logo of the compurter program “Java” coffee cup symbol to use to identic coffee with “java”

– Sumatra Mandheling and Sumatra Lintong.

Mandheling named after the tribe of Batak Mandailing in northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Coffee Lintong named after Lintong places in northern Sumatra. While Gayo coffee from the Gayo Highlands.

– Sulawesi Toraja KalosiThis coffee is grown in high mountain regions in Sulawesi. Kalosi is the name of a small town in Sulawesi, which houses the collection of coffee from the surrounding area. Toraja in Sulawesi is a mountainous area where the growth of this coffee. Coffee from Sulawesi is a bit stronger than Sumatran coffee.

-Costa Rican Tarrazu of “San Marcos de Tarrazu valley” in the mountains outside of San Jos, Costa Rica.

– Guatemala HuehuetenangoGrown at an altitude of 5000 feet in northern Guatemala.

– Ethiopian Harrar – from Harar, Ethiopia

– Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – from the area Yirga Cheffein the province of Sidamo (Oromia) of Ethiopia.

– Colombian coffee – was first introduced in Colombia in early 1800.

– Colombian Milds – Varieties include coffee from Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania.

– Hawaiian Kona coffee – grown at the foot of the mountains of Hualalai in the Kona district of Hawaii.Coffee was first introduced in these islands by Chief Boki. He was governor of Oahu in 1825.

– Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. This coffee has a high price because it popular

– Kenyan – famous for its level of acidity and flavor.

– Mexico – produce coffee beans that hard.

– Mocha – Coffees from Yemeni formerly traded in the Yemeni port of Mocha. Do not be confused by the presentation of coffee with chocolate.

– Santos – from Brasilia. Has a low acidity level.

– Tanzania Peaberry planted on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. “Peaberry” means that the coffee beans is only one in each fruit. Not like two in one fruit. It usually grows naturally in 10% of the coffee harvest.

– Uganda – Though most of the producer of robusta coffee. There is also a quality arabica coffee known as Bugishu

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