Tips On How To Brew The Best Coffee

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Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café t...

Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café tostado (natural). Bahasa Indonesia: Biji kopi alami yang telah disangrai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever wonder why coffee you buy through your favorite cafe is really good, but coffee you brew at home tastes burned . . . or even worse, something like dishwater? Mastering how to make the perfect mug of coffee is not hard — but you do need a successful method. A great cup of coffee originates from utilizing the finest and most fresh beans available, adding very pure h2o and brewing at just the right temperature for the proper duration. That’s all there is to it. . .

Taken step by step, let’s start with the coffee beans.

There are two kinds: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are the best quality you can buy, and the finest coffee begins with 100% Arabica beans. Coffee beans start to go bad rather quickly, and there are a couple of things you should do to ensure that the beans are as fresh as they can be. Buy coffee which is sold in an air tight container. Coffee beans which are subjected to the air ought to be consumed within 14 days. If you can’t use your beans inside of that timeframe, you can freeze them — but don’t ever refrigerate! Beans are very absorbent and will soak up the smells from your refrigerator like a sponge. And always store your whole beans within an airtight cannister. Grind the fresh beans just before brewing to ensure the fullest possible flavor. And should you truly desire fresh coffee beans, try roasting green beans yourself.

Water is, obviously, the other ingredient in a mug of coffee. To enjoy the best coffee, you have to brew with the purest water. Work with filtered water, or if your regular faucet water is acceptable, use cold water from the tap. The most significant problem in understanding how to brew the very best coffee may be the brewing temperature. To attain the best flavor out of coffee beans, the brewing temperature must be just off boil – or ranging between one hundred ninety-five and two hundred five degrees. If you’re employing a manual brew technique (such as a french press) this may not be a significant concern, however the majority of home coffee machines come nowhere near this ideal temperature. There are a few higher end coffee brewers that are able to reach this temperature range – if you are passionate about coffee, you really need to own one.

And the last tip for understanding how to brew the perfect coffee is brewing time. Basically, the smaller the grind, the shorter the process. It is helpful to be aware that coffee that brews too long is regarded as “over extracted” which means that undesirable substances are extracted from the beans and dumped into your mug of coffee. Coffee that brews too rapidly is considered “under extracted” and will taste bland and flavorless. The ideal extraction rate takes just the coffee flavor, and all the coffee flavor, leaving only the unwanted tastes behind with the left overgrinds.

Are you purchasing a can of ground coffee, opening it and storing it in a refrigerator for a few weeks as you use it up? Will you brew your coffee using tepid water and then leave it on the coffee machine burner for a couple of hours until the pot is emptied? If that’s the case, then you are drinking what most coffee lovers would consider a pretty lousy cup of joe.

Learning how to make the perfect mug of coffee has to start with buying the right coffee machine. Buying a good coffeemaker should go quite a distance toward giving you that great mug of coffee. This might require that you spend a bit more for your next coffee brewer than you did on your last, but if it saves you from going down to the corner bistro and getting a cup of coffee every morning, it’s going to surely pay for itself quickly!
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