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English: A detail view of a coffee burr grinde...

English: A detail view of a coffee burr grinder. The bean hopper has been removed, which would be immediately above this grinder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coffee may be found in unground form or it may be found in ground form. People wanting to get just right taste of coffee prefer to grind it themselves. This is done just before brewing because ground coffee deteriorates faster than beans as a greater surface area is exposed to oxygen in ground coffee. A lot of grinding machines are available in the grocery store. The coffee grinding machine from Sunbeam is very popular and safe to use.

The coffee grinding machine has a cover that can be used as a measuring cup and because it is transparent it allows us to see the beans being milled. The grinding bowl is made of stainless steel and this guarantees that the flavors and smell of coffee remain intact. The one touch power button makes the operation easy. The storage container helps in easy storing of the ground coffee. The cleaning is done with the help of a small brush which ensures fresh grinding each time. The degree of grinding or milling can also be controlled depending on the extent of grinding needed which is determined by customer preference. Coarse grinding is needed for percolated coffee, medium grinding is needed for drip filtered coffee and fine is required for espresso coffee. The grind selector in the machine will give the desired quantity of ground coffee. The machine has a retractable cord which makes it compact. Sunbeam Auto grinder allows the grinding of beans from coarse to very fine.

The grinding bowls and blades must be cleaned with a damp cloth and the cover must be cleaned with soapy water. It should be dried thoroughly. The coffee beans should be placed properly and the lid should be closed appropriately before turning the power on. One of the customer friendly characteristics includes the grinding of coffee beans once the cover is correctly secured. The cover of the auto grinding machine can only be removed when the blades stop rotating.

The machine has rated high with buyers as seen from reviews of the product. As one of the reviewers puts it “The coffee grinding machine worked great over the five to six years with it being used about 5 to 6 times in a day.” The coffee is ground evenly and it is a good, reliable, solid, conical grinding machine at a reasonable cost.

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