Irish Coffee – A Brief Discussion

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English: An Irish coffee Español: Un café irlandés Français : Un Irish Coffee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there are a few variations on the way to make Irish coffee, there is a classic version that seems to be known by Irish coffee lovers worldwide. Classic Irish coffee contains hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar with double cream. The double cream is whipped until it reaches the point where it begins to stiffen and is then placed on top of the Irish coffee. Irish coffee is thought to be one variation of the classic hot toddy drink. The Irish Pubs in San Francisco have declared that they were the ones that originally invented Irish coffee. However, extensive research has shown that this is not true.

Starting in 1939, all the way to 1945, air travel from America was done by flying boats. These flying boats landed at Foynes, Co. Limerick. The flight took 18 hours and the passengers were cold from the trip that took them from the seaplane to the terminal. Often the weather conditions were cold and rather damp. These passengers wanted to warm themselves upon arrival at the terminal with a hot cup of coffee or tea. However, the manager of the Foynes catering service at the time, Brendan O’Regan, thought that these passengers would appreciate something stronger to drink. Mr. Joseph Sheridan, who was the head Chef at Foynes, obliged and after a significant amount of research, created Irish Coffee

A plaque marking this moment was erected at Shannon Airport. Although traditionally Irish, Irish coffee is enjoyed by many people throughout the whole world. The recipe for this original Irish coffee is as follows:

  1. Heat a stemmed Whiskey goblet.
  2. Pour in one shot of good Irish Whiskey.
  3. Add three sugar cubes.
  4. Fill the goblet with a very strong blend of coffee, stopping about one inch from the top.
  5. Stir gently to dissolve the sugar.
  6. Add a large dollop of heavy cream that has been slightly aerated.

It is important to remember that you should not stir this mixture after adding the cream. To appreciate the full taste of Irish coffee you need to sip the coffee and whiskey mixture through the cream. Also note that many whipping creams contain additives that allow it to stay good on shelves longer. These additives take away from the whipping creams ability to stay on top of the Irish coffee. If you have the ability to purchase your cream from a farmer, you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your Irish coffee.

There is of course other Irish coffee recipes that can be found. Your favorite Irish coffee will depend on your personal taste preferences. For another Irish coffee recipe that is designed to delight, you will need:

  1. A glass that holds about 5 oz.
  2. One shot of very good espresso.
  3. Two fingers of good Irish Whiskey.
  4. Two tablespoons of brown sugar.

Heavy cream that is fresh. Lace this cream with a small amount of sugar, and beat until it has the texture of custard. Stop whipping before the cream is fluffy. Assemble all of your ingredients together; prepare your whipped cream mixture leaving it refrigerated. Combine the Whiskey and the brown sugar together in the glass. Use an espresso heater to warm the whiskey allowing the whiskey to get hot and the brown sugar to dissolve.

Very carefully, put a match or a lighter to the glass and allow the whiskey to flame for a few seconds. Although this step can be skipped without compromising the flavor, it does add an extra special touch. It also eliminated a portion of the alcohol allowing the whiskey and coffee to compliment one another better. Pour your espresso shot into the Whiskey and brown sugar mix. Gently place a dollop of your whipped cream mixture on the top of your beverage. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy your wonderful Irish coffee.

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