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Ask most people what the first thing they reach for in the mornings is and you will likely hear ‘coffee’. Coffee is the go-go juice that starts many people’s day and keeps them going through the morning. In recent years flavored and specialty coffees have become more popular than ever, the sheer number of coffee shops can attest to that fact.

Even more recently are coffee clubs, and although still in their infancy, coffee clubs have become quite popular and memberships continue to grow.Coffee lovers who prefer gourmet coffee blends and enjoying trying different types of coffee are the most likely to appreciate a coffee club membership. They know they are going to be getting a shipment of gourmet coffee every month and they look forward to trying something new and exciting. These shipments also keep them from having to go to the local coffee shop to purchase their gourmet coffee.

Some coffee clubs offer to send your favorite flavor every month simply to keep you from having to go purchase your coffee while others send you a different flavor or type of coffee each month. The coffee clubs that send various flavors each month allow for more variety and allow you to determine what types of coffees you want to purchase in between shipments.

Coffee club memberships can be purchased as gifts that are sent to directly to the recipient every month. You determine how long you want the gift to last and pay for that term rather than having to remember to call and cancel the subscription. Other clubs are set up to deliver monthly shipments until they are notified that you wish to cancel the membership.

When searching for coffee clubs you must make sure you are getting coffee that works with your coffee maker. The popularity of single brew coffee makers has also increased the popularity of coffee clubs that specialize in delivering coffee for these machines. If you prefer to grind your coffee beans you can have them delivered in whole bean form or you can specify the type of grind.

Coffee clubs also offer news and information about the coffees they deliver. Some clubs include monthly newsletters that detail the type of coffee they are sending, such as where it is grown and the best way to serve it.

Online ordering makes it easier than ever to join a coffee club. The incentives range from a free coffee maker to discounted shipping. The most popular coffee club is Gevalia Kaffe that often has excellent incentives for joining.

Regardless of what coffee club you join the benefits are great; a piping cup of hot coffee that comes in a different variety every month without ever leaving the cozy feeling of your robe and slippers. Add a good book and your morning is set for pure leisure.


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