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Braun KF580 from Braun Coffee Makers is recommended to those who want a fast brew. The Braun Aroma Deluxe can make up to 10 cups of rich and flavorful coffee in next to no time. Its secret to great tasting coffee is the Brita water filter. Brita water filter screens out chlorine and other harsh minerals, moreover, it prevents calcification in the water tank so you are assured of great tasting water to go with your grinds; and coffee lovers know how important water taste is to the overall taste of coffee. It is very easy to use thanks to its digital display and brewing indicator which allows it to make you a great cup on schedule so you have your cup ready as soon as you get out of bed.

What’s good about Braun KF580 Coffee Maker?

  • The filter basket latches properly. The carafe is sturdy and the handle is comfortable to any hand size
  • The coffee is served really hot. It looks sleek and attractive sitting. A nice little device to have sitting on your countertop.
  • The replaceable water filters assures great tasting coffee and last for at least three months before you need to replace it
  • Cord storage. Keeps counter clutter free
  • Makes coffee quietly
  • Brews quickly. It has a compact footprint so it sits perfectly even on small counters.Brita water filter system really makes the coffee taste better because you assured of great tasting water mixed with your precious grinds
  • The no-drip feature actually works. So you can remove the carafe while the coffee is still brewing. Consistently makes great quality coffee
  • Solid and great quality machine.
  • The cone filter is great at optimally extracting flavor from the grounds
  • Bargain price. KF580 from Braun Coffee Makers include: Permanent gold-tone filter Filter release button (which opens the filter basket for easy filling and cleaning) Pause and serve feature, so you can enjoy your cup even before the whole pot finishes brewing Comfortable, nonslip handle which can accommodate large hands

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Some things to Consider: The water indicator is not all that spot on to read for some clock and lights on the base aren’t very good and you need to get up close to see the time or to know if the indicator is turned on Tendency for coffee to drip if you make the maximum 10 cups. A bit disappointing because you can only make a maximum of 8 – cups not 10 cups as was said in the product description an extra paper filter is suggested because the gold filter can allow some dust through

Summary: For its price, this coffeemaker is an absolute bargain. Very minor gripes and the positives definitely outweigh the cons. The Brita water filter does work but extra filter paper are suggested to make certain that no dust gets through as the gold filter isn’t too full proof. Buying filter papers can be expensive so using filtered water to start with can definitely save some extra costs. The coffee served tastes very good plus it is brews really hot coffee, so you get served coffee at the perfect temperature.

Braun KF580 looks really good, sleek and stylish. It is very attractive sitting on your countertop; plus the cord storage makes your counter clutter free. This machine is really reliable with consistent quality results and durable make. A true bargain for its price because you know you can get years of use with this machine.

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