Black & Decker CBM210 stainless steel burr electric coffee grinder review

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It took me about a week to read a lot of reviews on the Internet before I made a decision regarding my next electric coffee grinder. I’ve became an owner of Black & Decker CBM210. It is one of the cheapest burr coffee grinders available on the market. This coffee mill does not have a lot of grinding settings and it’s burrs cannot be controlled precisely (as you can do with more expensive models). But on the other hand you would immediately notice the difference between the Black & Decker coffee grinder and other blade grinders from the same price range.

Black & Decker (as any other burr mill) does its job slowly, but steady.  The level of noise is also significantly lower.

You should not expect much from Black & Decker CBM210 grinder. As other kitchen appliances like the this entry level grinder, it is made from low cost materials and its burrs aren’t that great as on professional devices. But the fact that it has the same price as most of the other blade grinders turns this one into a well-balanced item with good quality/price ratio.

The quality of the grinding is more than acceptable. The size of the coffee grinds is even, but there are not many ways to control the size of these particles. But for a casual burr grinder it is pretty good.

Cleaning of the device is pretty easy: you can take out the coffee hopper and wash it any way you like. There is just one spot where a small brush would come in handy and it is located near the place where beans are put into.

It looks to me that Black & Decker engineers designed the CBM210 electric coffee grinder to be used with drip coffee machines. It is not that good with espresso or French press. Maybe it is just my opinion, but I think that the problem is with the lack of controls making coffee grounds of different sizes.

But I’ve got a few tips:

The first tip would be to grind beans into larger size particles for a French press. In this case, coffee tastes well without anything floating in your cup. Use the grinder on the lowest setting to grind your coffee into smaller grounds for a perfect cup of coffee

Based on my experience I would say that Black & Decker CBM210 electric coffee grinder would be the best choice in any of these cases:

  • you grind your coffee from time to time (once a week I would say)
  • you’ve never tried grinding before and would like to try without spending much money on your first electric coffee grinder

Black & Decker grinder is not your choice if:

  • you are an experienced coffee man and love to taste coffee of different types
  • you would like to have a precise control over the grinding coffee you are planning to grind coffee on a daily basis

Don’t expect too much from this simple machine the CBM210 electric coffee grinder. This well-priced burr mill works fine for drip machines and French press. Coffee grind size is not perfect but more than acceptable for a casual electric coffee grinder.

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 2.0 out of 5 stars
2.0 out of 5 stars

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The specs of ‘Black & Decker CBM210 Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Mill/Grinder’ are:

  • Product Dimensions: 9.6x8x5.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Needs this mod to work properly!”

“Paid $19 at Target and was dismayed at the random grind it produced. Realized it was a good design, just poorly executed. Here is how to fix it:1. Pop out the top grinding head as per the cleaning instructions.2. Carefully unscrew the…Read more

“Sub-standard Burr Grinder”

“I should have known better than to pay less than $50 for a burr grinder.This machine, though compact and aesthetically pleasing, lacks the ability to produce uniform grinds which, really, is the only reason to buy a burr grinder. The first…Read more

“Take it on its own terms”

“I bought mine at Target for $22.xx yesterday.What this is not: a highly precise burr grinder with a wide range of grind settingsWhat this is: a very good alternative to a blade grinder that grinds at a lower speed (as all burr…Read more

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