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Proper storage of coffee is something that is essential to the lifespan of your coffee. In some houses coffee doesn’t last very long because people drink it, but even in those houses if the drinkers want their brews to stay aromatic, flavorful, and potent, they must learn to store the coffee properly. There are definitely right and wrong ways to go about storing coffee, and you and anyone else you know who loves their coffee should be certain to take advantage of the advice and tips below so that their coffee stays good for a long time.

The truth is that if you don’t care all that much about the quality of your coffee, then these tips really won’t matter for you. For people who buy coffee in bulk in the form of instant coffee, then those will taste just about the same no matter how or where you store them. This advice is for those who use coffee beans, who really notice the flavours and subtleties in their coffee, and who want their gourmet grind to last as long as possible.

The first tip is to try not to store ground coffee as much as possible. Coffee is best brewed right after grinding, as the longer you wait the more the flavours are wasted. Brewing coffee as soon as possible after it is roasted as well will help the flavour tremendously, but the flavours will stay pretty good for a couple of weeks after the roasting has been done.

If ground coffee is all that’s available or you prefer to grind it all at once, and then store the grinds in a closed and airtight can or container at room temperature. Ceramic or glass are good coffee storing options because they are unabsorbent and easy to find. Be sure to keep your jar or container out of sunlight, however, as it won’t help things at all.

For storing whole coffee beans, keep enough for about a week in the same type of container as the grinds and also at room temperature. The rest should be frozen in another airtight container or zip lock bag. When it comes time to take out more beans, simply put them in another airtight container to unfreeze. Once they are unfrozen do not try to freeze them again, as that is a very damaging thing to do to coffee beans.

Coffee isn’t just a bean that you grind up and brew; it’s a complex and intricate item that needs proper care and treatment in order to have the best effects. There are chemicals and oils existing in the coffee beans that work together to create the drink we all know and love. In order for the chemicals and oils to work together they must be kept from exposure to air as much as possible, hence the airtight containers. Without taking the simple precautions your flavours will deteriorate and be lost forever. If you appreciate a good cup of coffee, then you won’t feel bad about taking a bit of extra time to ensure that your beans are well taken care of.


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