The Three Dark Vices: Coffee, Chocolate, And Cigars

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Three of the most common vices in the world are cigarettes, coffee, and dark chocolate. On its own, each one has a distinctive appeal. When combined however, it becomes a truly spectacular experience.


No, we’re not talking about a common cigarette. A real cigar can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself in a classy fashion. You will want a cigar that looks woody and dark, since darker cigars are likely to have more “spice” in them. If you like mild cigars, choose a light color. Experienced smokers already have their own brand/flavour, but it may take you a while to find yours.


A freshly ground brew has the maximum level of taste. The easiest way to get fresh coffee is to purchase the beans and grind them right before making a cup. A coarse grind can give you a bitter and stronger taste, while a fine grind will give you a smooth mix.

Coffee also includes plenty of health benefits. Drinking a cup of coffee a day has proved to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzhemier’s disease by 65%. People who drink coffee also have strong hearts and a lower chance of getting heart disease. When making freshly ground coffee, use a strainer improve its taste and health benefits.


Dark chocolate is the final and most satisfying step. Firstly you’ll experience the aroma, with its unmistakable rich smell with hints of cedar, orange peel, coffee, or clove. The bar is dark, shiny, and breaks cleanly. You don’t even have to taste the chocolate to know that it is an extremely fine product.

A dark chocolate bar delivers the pure chocolate flavour far better than sugary or milky chocolates. When taking a bite, it will melt in your mouth. High quality chocolate is flawless, completely smooth, and feels satiny under your tongue. Although the flavour will linger, you’ll want another bite as soon as possible.

A good bittersweet chocolate should have a cocoa percentage ranging from 62% to 72%. Other ingredients will include fruit peel, praline, nuts, liqueurs, and sugars. Gray and dull spots are signs of an inferior product, bad storage conditions, or poor handling. The taste should be balanced, not too bitter and not too sweet. If you’re new to eating chocolate, the initial flavour may overwhelm your taste-buds, but you will quickly get used to it.


While even one of these vices is great, all three will give you a special kind of feeling. This trio is one of my personal favourites, but it may not be for everyone. Feel free to try your own combinations and find out what your preferences are. With time, you’ll find the perfect combo so you can truly enjoy yourself.

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