The Eco-Friendly Route to Storage

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One of the most ubiquitous elements about personal storage is the humble storage box. No house move or office relocation, no instance is complete without that brown box. It is therefore amazing to note that people are using these boxes as their eco-friendly ride to storage.

Going green used to conjure up visions of an off-beat life-style that involved sacrifices so severe that normal, everyday product and services were all but out-of-bounds. Not any more. Today, the world has become a much more environmentally aware planet and citizens around the globe are exploring new ways to help protect our natural resources.

The personal storage scenario too has seen some rather interesting green developments. One of the most ubiquitous elements about storage is the humble storage box. No house/office move, no storage instance is complete without that brown box. It is therefore amazing to note that people are using these boxes as their eco-friendly ride to storage.

Responsible box manufacturers have long being trying to increase the recycled and recyclable components of these boxes. But given the sheer volume of demand around the world, it is inevitable that production of fresh boxes remains strong. This is perhaps the reason behind people taking to the recycling of these boxes for storage use, in a more advanced manner.

Doubting thomases may put forth their share of arguments but as one can read further, they are mostly unfounded in nature.

Not all recycled /reused boxes are unfit for further applications. One can simply pick and choose the one’s that are acceptable enough to do the job. There is no one insisting that a particular lot of boxes must be taken away, at all costs. In the unfortunate eventuality of this happening, simply walk away. There will always be another kind hearted soul who will put their boxes up for pickup.

Yes, it is nice to have a matching set of boxes. There is a certain degree of comfort that one may derive out of the uniformity of a set. But, boxes in multiple sizes, do not, in any way, hamper their intended use – which is to store and transport belongings.

People who fear being branded as cheapskates who cannot afford to purchase their own boxes should remember that it is the environment that is going to thank them for their choice. That, on any given day is a fine bargain to strike. If you are worried about finding all the boxes that are going to be needed, then one simply has to start searching before hand. Searching for boxes a day or two prior, would suffice only if the required quantity is reasonably small. The rest merely have to begin their searches in advance.

One of the first places to start the box hunt is by spreading the word amongst family and friends. It’s amazing on how many boxes one can find from them. The local retail shops and department stores in the area are another excellent source of storage boxes. Most of these businesses tend to receive their goods in boxes of various sizes and therefore are ideal for those small to medium box size hunting. To go large however, one needs to change focus. Furniture retailers, shops selling electronics and dealers of consumer durables, etc. are the places to raid for those with large sized storage needs.

Closer to the workplace, it pays to be friendly with the admin/tech support guy. They are the go-to people for those looking for boxes that are perfect to store those niche items. The friendly neighbourhood bookstore too may be more than happy to help you preserve your book collection by parting with some cartons for free or might end up charging a nominal amount for higher quantities. Unusual as it may sound, but coffee shops and pubs too tend to accumulate a large amount of storage boxes and may be willing to offer them to those who ask.

Leveraging the power of online media platforms is yet another popular source of storage boxes. A simple tweet or post may help spread the word around and you might get in touch with someone who thinks the same about environment friendly storage.

Some of the sources discussed above may seem unconventional at first but, at the end of the day it is all about doing ones bit for the environment. So whether you wish to use the boxes for document storage purposes or for any other need, it all begins with asking around.

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