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I do not drink coffee, though my nose likes the smell of brewed coffee in the morning. Maybe it is because at home, when I was still young, it was an indication that my mother was up and was preparing for us a fantastic meal for breakfast. We were so excited we just couldn’t wait. Sometimes it was at our grandmother’s house. A cup of brewed coffee and a slice of apple pie, that was what my grandmother served every time visitors came by the house and it was often.

For over 15 centuries, many have benefited from drinking coffee. It sprung from the Kaffa, Buno and Ethopia regions. They had their chief coffee producer on the port city of Mocha, Yemen where Italian business people got a hold of it. Then in the 1600’s, it scattered all over Europe. The Turkish people had no idea that it could become one of the most favorite drinks in history.Coffee houses began ‘brewing’ all over North American in 1668 in towns such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Every American who drinks coffee, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, can consume an average of more than eight ounces a day.

You will be surprised of the benefits of drinking coffee. Coffee contains high levels of anti-oxidants, a substance that slows down the oxidation of body cells and eliminates free radicals. The Harvard Health Publication revealed that drinking coffee in moderation can lower the possibility of acquiring stones in the gall bladder, cancer of the colon, damage on the liver, and Parkinson’s disease. It also invigorates the body and stimulates the brain.

It is recommended that coffee be consumed in moderation since it is a stimulant. Too much of a good thing is also bad. With coffee, you only need to drink 2 cups a day. Too much coffee intake can create feelings of fear, worry, dread and can lead to panic, and in others, the increase possibility of having a heart attack. If you find that you are jittery or nervous after drinking coffee, cut back.

A good cup of brewed coffee is always the best when you grind the fine and fresh coffee beans.As soon as the beans are ground, precious oils that make your coffee taste great are lost. Sipping from a cup of delicious brewed coffee ground from newly picked beans. Simply think about it. To be able to savor the taste of a freshly brewed coffee, first you must have is a coffee grinder. You might also want to consider a personal suggestion from me, concerning coffee grinders.I have one and use mine to grind nuts and seeds to make a coating for food instead of breadcrumbs.I grind almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, mix them together with paprika, herbs, a little salt and pepper. When you are frying your food, this coating is excellent for your salmon cakes, or chicken and even fish. After that I fry it on the pan and then serve with mayonnaise, lemon, garlic and horseradish sauce, yummy! When I use herbs in my dish, there are times I want them very refined so I use my coffee grinder. Have you ever thought of using the coffee grinder for something else? If so, then buy two units, one for the coffee beans and the other for the nuts, seeds and herbs. Premium beans are the best choice for brewing coffee. They even have different tastes for you to choose from. If you have unclean drinking water, put a filter on or use spring water to brew your coffee. It will even taste better. You might think of getting organic coffee as well. Try various flavor beans to know your preference. When we were small, our parents allowed us to drink a bit of coffee. It was called coffee milk because it looked more like a milk but with a slight taste of coffee. It was pure delight!

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