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The perfect coffee gift you can give a person really depends on the person’s love of coffee. If someone sent me different coffees as a gift, it would be one of the best gifts I’’ve ever received. I’m always looking for a new, fresh variety of coffee, and there definitely is not a lack in options.

You should always know at least a little bit about someone before you give them a gift. Particularly if they love coffee, it makes it much easier to find a gift for them. Outside of coffee, what else sticks out in your mind about them? Are they an instant coffee type of person, or are they all about the exotic coffee? You also want to think about the coffee related gifts you can get them, like biscuits, cookies, chocolate, and biscotti. They may like a gift like biscotti that goes with all of their coffee rather than trying to guess (and possibly guess wrong) what type of coffee they would enjoy trying. The presentation of the gift is just as, if not more, important than the gift itself. If you decide to shop online for your gift, they should have pictures so you can gauge the quality of the packaging and wrapping. One particular accessory that complements the coffee very well is dark chocolate. There are very few things java lovers like more than dark chocolate, which just happens to be good for you because of the antioxidants.

Gifts of coffee are seasonal by nature. The holidays are the best time to give these gifts because the weather calls for a warm brew. Combine it with a fruit basket and cheese basket and you have a gift that is fit for a king or queen! Just be sure the cheese doesn’t go bad before the coffee does.

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