Cuisinart Coffee Makers – It’s like Starbucks at Home

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Beginning with the introduction of the food processor in 1973, Cuisinart has developed an extensive line of culinary products that have been praised by many notable chefs and food authorities.It is only natural then that they employed their culinary prowess to develop a range of Cuisinart coffee makers. This has allowed all of us to drink fresh brewed coffee without having to go to town.

Any great coffee maker is both versatile and practical. Here, Cuisinart coffee makers Brew Central ticks all the boxes. There are many distinct easy to use features, including the ability to program your brewing up to 24 hours ahead and a brew pause button which allows you to remove the jug whilst brewing so you can get a refill which testify to it’s versatility. Testament to the quality of the Brew Central is the high rating it receives from Amazon from over 1000 satisfied customer reviews. Satisfied owners like the aesthetics, inspired by the industrial look of commercial equipment, adjustable warming plate, small-batch setting, programming features and that the machine has an in-built water filter.

If you’re more of a home espresso buff, Cuisinart coffee makers have this covered with either their EM 100 or 200 programmable espresso machines at a price generally much less than some of the other big names. Both machines can brew from normal ground coffee beans or pre-packed easy serve espresso pods and have the ability to brew manually or be programmed in advance.

If you love to entertain your friends, the Cuisinart EM range can, depending on the model, make up to 34 shots of espresso before it needs refilling and frothing your milk is a breeze with the stainless steel steam nozzle. As an added bonus, the drip tray and cover are easily removed for cleaning and you can pre-warm your cups on the top warming plate. In next to no time you will be brewing coffee like a professional, whether latte, macchiato or straight espresso is your choice, you’ll no longer have to pop to Starbucks to get it!

For some it is the smell of fresh ground coffee beans that makes the whole coffee experience complete and if this is you, Cuisinart coffee makers grind and brew machines are what you need. Once sealed, the coffee bean hopper can hold up to 1/2 a pound of fresh beans so you don’t need to worry about your coffee storage.Other great characteristics are it’s sleek stainless steel design and as with many Cuisinart coffee makers it is fully programmable.

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