Coffee: It’s Not Like It Used To Be

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Have you joined the coffee craze yet? Remember when you could get a plain cup of coffee anywhere in America. Nowadays coffee has become as popular as finding a fine wine. It is now very simple to whip up a gourmet hot beverage for you and your friends. Coffee tasting has become almost a social event that you just can not miss and coffee clubs are a part of many’s social circle now,and a part of there community and even meeting up on the internet to discuss coffee.

Coffee has become the rage of the age, where people are almost worshipping the coffee bean now. People are ordering and buying specialty coffee from all kinds of specialty shops, being thrilled to grind there own beans and making there own blends. And as I mentioned before “coffee tasting” is becoming as popular as “wine tasting”.

Coffee has also made another popular leap and that is in the home interior and furniture market. Where else could a real coffee nut get his fix.

Another interesting thing about coffee that most folks probably do not know, is the fact that coffee is second only to oil in dollar volume as a world commodity.

Some other interesting facts you did not know about coffee is did you know that there is two times the caffeine in a pound of tea than in a pound of roasted coffee. For someone that does not like the taste of decaffeinated coffee this may seem like good news, but just remember that a pound of tea will make about 160 cups where a pound of coffee will make about only 40 cups. So this would mean a cup of tea has about 1/4th the caffeine of a cup of coffee, but don’t let this stop you from having that cup of coffee because coffee still has a lot of benefits such as antioxidants.

The caffeine in coffee is determined by where and at what altitude the coffee is grown. Caffeine content decreases at higher elevations, most gourmet coffee’s are typically grown at higher altitudes. So this would have them contain less caffeine than your typical grocery store coffee.

Coffee has also came a long way for those people that in the past have had trouble drinking a regular cup of coffee because of the discomfort it causes to the stomach. Because coffee has always been known to carry a high acidity a lot of people could not enjoy a good cup of coffee. Many coffee producer have came up with special ways to process coffee now that greatly reduce the acidity, so now many more people can have that cup of coffee. Be sure if this is a problem for you that you check around and find these types of coffee and it still can be enjoyed at a reasonable price.

There are way to many different types of coffee beans to describe in this article, but some of the most familiar ones that you might recognize would be Latte, Espresso,Low fat, Organic, Cappuccino,Decaf, and Arabian.

If you have never attended a coffee tasting, you should consider giving it a try. You will get to experience how to make and brew your own gourmet coffee, this is slowly becoming an art. If you really are as crazy about coffee as a lot of people are this could be a learning experience, learning more about the different kinds of coffee and also learn where you can get these coffees for yourself. You can start making it at home instead of having to pay the high prices at the local coffeehouse, nothing against coffeehouse’s they can be a great place to meet and relax and enjoy that great cup of coffee. If you would like more information on coffee please visit us at

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