Coffee Gift Ideas: Why Fair Trade Coffee Is The Perfect Coffee Gift Idea

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When it comes to gift giving, there are numerous coffee gift ideas to consider for the coffee lover in your life. Fair trade coffee is one of the best and most socially conscious gifts of coffee to buy, as it is purchased directly from the growers and helps producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and healthier working conditions.

Fair trade products, such as coffee, offer the producers a fair and living wage. Forced labor and child exploitative labor are never allowed. This provides a larger economic incentive for the producers to pay fair wages to workers in countries where the coffee is being grown, harvested and distributed.

Fair trade coffee gift ideas are not only perfect for the holiday season, but they are also a socially conscious and much-appreciated gift at any time of year. It helps consumers by supporting smaller companies who have committed to fair trade principles, thereby increasing the competition in the coffee market. More competition increases not only the supply of coffee, but also the quality, cost and selection of coffee products for consumers to purchase.

Fair trade coffee is also known to be a better quality than the coffee produced by larger and mostly domestic companies. Producers work directly with farmers, so communication and quality is not stifled by middlemen. Not only do farmers receive better prices for their produce, but they also receive more stable cash flows.

These coffee gifts also provide additional income for farmers whose main produce may not be coffee. By increasing the number of coffee producers and competition, it also provides estate workers with a better quality of life.

Fair trade products such as coffee provide a host of benefits to the farmer, producer, and consumer. It allows for greater environmental awareness when farming; it provides small farmers with stronger positions in world markets; and it creates closer links between consumers and producers.

When you consider these coffee gift ideas, you are not only giving a gift of coffee to your friend or loved one, you are also providing for a family or community in a developing country. A gift of fair trade coffee serves the dual purpose of gifting a high quality coffee, and helping to make the world a better and more equitable place.

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