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Of the myriad of coffee makers today, the Bunn coffee maker is made by one of the oldest and most well established companies in the business. In 1957, the Bunn-O-Matic corporation was founded. Bunn coffee makers are manufactured by the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. It was in fact the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation that brought us the paper coffee filter now used in most home coffee makers. But originally, the Bunn coffee maker was for commercial use.

Over the last few decades, Bunn coffee makers have diversified a great deal. Now you can even buy a nice Bunn coffee maker for your home. One of the most popular home coffee makers is the My Café Brewer one-cup coffee machine. As with the commercial models, the My Café Brewer is designed to make coffee so good you could open a coffee shop. The My Café Brewer features a stainless steel tank, spray head, and water heater. While Bunn has chosen to stick with only their core coffee machine colors of black and white for the My Café Brewer, they feature a very modern stylish stainless steel trunk design to help them blend into most home decors.

With Bunn it is about making the best quality coffee. If you can’t buy good ground coffee, you can also buy the Bunn BCG Grinder to grind up the coffee beans of your choice. When you combine the best beans with your Bunn coffee maker, you ensure that your coffee will have none of the bad coffee grinds sold locally and none of the bitter coffee taste produced by many cheap coffee makers that overcook the coffee. Bunn has a patented coffee heating system that makes the coffee brew to just the right temperature for just the right amount of time every time you make coffee. The stainless steel spray head is calibrated to ensure that the coffee grounds are suspended and have their flavor uniformly extracted.

If you have any trouble with your Bunn coffee maker, you will find that you are dealing with one of the finest companies in coffee. Bunn sells replacement parts for all of its coffee makers. Bunn has an excellent website where you can get customer service or replacement parts. Bunn coffee makers are widely available from both retailers and restaurant equipment wholesalers. And of course, you can buy Bunn coffee makers from a variety of Web stores. If you don’t mind buying a used coffee maker, check some of the Web auction sites to get a great deal.

In addition to using high quality grinds or grinding your own high quality coffee beans, it is important that you store your coffee in dry environment with mild temperatures. The Bunn coffee maker makes the rest simple. You just add one tablespoon of ground coffee and a cup of clean water. After each use, you will need to clean the decanter. The rest is a matter of how you like to drink your coffee.

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