Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Coffee Machine

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What’s a one whole day without a sip of coffee to jump start you day? Incomplete, one may automatically say. Just the aroma of the fresh brewed cup of coffee to awaken the senses can make and start-up your day in a jiffy. You can almost count those days of long lines on the coffee shop trying to get your cup of espresso or cappuccino.

It may come across your mind at some point that life may just be much easier if you only own that coffee outlet. No more lines, no more hassles. Dream no more for that perfect cup, technology is here to save the day.

Thanks to coffee machines that can produce your favorite hot beverage in just a matter of seconds. Yes, even that crema, the aroma, the taste of your beloved cup brewed at your very own home. Every one of us has a unique preference for our cup of coffee.

So in choosing the best coffee machine out in the market, here are just a few helpful tips to consider:

Coffee beans and coffee pods

Some machines actually brew coffee beans from scratch. Others use coffee pods that are available in the market that carries your favorite coffee flavors already. Pods may also include hot chocolates, milk chocolates or tea. It’s up to you to choose which option you like, yet there are actually machines that can actually process both.

Coffee Experience

Want to be hands on with your cup and have the time to feel like a budding barista? There are some coffee machines that can actually let you adjust your coffee according to the strength you want, how much froth you need to how many servings you may want to actually produce. Some are fully automatic if you have a very busy schedule. Still, some also as mentioned above makes use of coffee pods and actually produce crema at the same time with minimum effort even at a push of a lever. You may also want to consider whether you want your machine to produce beverages other than coffee.

Storage space

Coffee machines come in various shapes and sizes; you need to see the size of your storage platform before buying your machine. See if the machine of your choice can actually fit your cupboard if you want to store it, at the same time if you can lift it easily. If you just want to display it on the kitchen top you may opt for heavier models.

Serving Size

Think of how often you will use your machine, and how many servings you usually do. The tank capacity of your machine is really important. If you like to entertain guests you may opt for a bigger tank capacity. If you are alone or with a partner, a small tank can do you good.


There are different brands to choose from. The most popular and shall I say expensive brands include Lavazza and Dualit. Some of De Longhi, Bosch, Gaggia, Kitchenaid and Siemens offer range of coffee machines that are pretty much friendly in the pocket at the same time guaranteed durable.

Ease of Use

You need a machine and not a 500-piece puzzle. Most online reviews rate their machines first by the coffee it produces second on the ease of usage. Some uses levers, still others buttons and some even have LCD panels. If it’s that easy to figure out, easy to clean and produces the coffee you want then go for it.


I know you think I ought to put this on the top list but believe me, if you found a coffee machine that is really awesome, you won’t even mind the price tag. But for simple joys and simple morning coffee concoctions, there are different machines out there that will fit nicely on your budget.

Color is not that of a big deal. But if you want one to match your wall or your kitchen top, sleek silver will fit just right in. Have fun scavenging reviews to find the best coffee machine for your taste.

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The price, ease of use and quality of coffee are some of the things to consider in choosing the right coffee machine. If you’re looking for comparison, please visit best coffee machines reviews to find which ones are worth buying.


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